In English Please !

Welcome to Gaillac airfield


Read the details of the Gaillac Visual Approach Chart on the SIA website (menu « Atlas VAC FRANCE », section « VAC Aérodromes / Aerodromes VAC », select the name in the ‘Par nom d’Aérodrome / By aerodrome name’  list then click on OK).  Read the Radio Calls.

Hello, my name is Alistair Moon. I’m on the committee of the Gaillac aeroclub
and it is my pleasure to welcome you to Gaillac, the aeroclub and to all that the
area offers you.

This little video is divided into 3 parts. The first bit is for visitors to the area who would like to see some of it from the air, the second for visiting pilots who
would like to fly into and out of Gaillac, and the last is for those who would like
to join the club.

Gaillac is in a very scenic area, particularly from the air. So if you’d like to see
some of it, why not try a trial flight in one of our aircraft. An experienced pilot
will take you, and up to two others, for no more than half an hour, around our
local area, landing back at Gaillac.

The current cost is 65€ but that’s subject to change. Obviously it’s weather dependent and the pilot’s decision on this is final, but if the weather’s not good it’s not worth going anyway.

If you speak French, you can call our trial flight co-ordinator, Dominique Basse, directly. His number is 06 71 34 56 13. If your French isn’t up to it, call me on 06 23 89 32 38 or 05 63 41 53 92 and I’ll liaise with him. If half an hour isn’t long enough for you, then if you join the club as a guest member, for the princely sum of 10€, then that time limitation disappears. Again speak directly to Dominique or contact me.

For those of you who would like to fly into Gaillac, here’s some basic
information. The airfield is just to the south-west of Gaillac itself and south-east of the local VOR (153° from GAI, 115.8). It’s got a wide, smooth grass strip just over 1000 metres long, aligned east-west (25-07 to be exact).

Circuits are always to the south, at 1400 feet QNH and you need to check with the Visual Approach Chart to avoid noise sensitive areas to the south and south-west. Normal circuit joining rules apply and you’ll find the windsock on the north side of the strip, near the middle of the two playing fields. Watch out for the displaced thresholds as there are roads quite near the ends of the strip.

The taxiway is on the north side of the strip and you can park on the grass
between the playing field and the hardstanding. The VAC says fuel is not
available, but by prior arrangement the club will let you have 100LL at 2.00€ a
litre (current price). If you need it let me know and I’ll arrange it for you. There
is no ATC, just an air-to-air frequency – in French.

If your French doesn’t run to the correct calls, you’ll find an entry on our website where they’re laid out. Finally for anyone who wants to join the club, here’s the basics. You need a licence which permits you to fly EASA Annex 1 aircraft. You need to have a subscription to the French Federation, and you need to have a subscription to the club itself. The Federation subscription costs 118€, or 78€ if you don’t want a copy of the magazine. There’s an element of insurance included and assistance if you get stuck away from base. The club subscription is 50€ and you’ll need a checkout on the aircraft you want to fly. Currently we have a DR315, two DR400 variants and an ULM. If you feel like turning yourself upside down, we’ve got a CAP10 as well.

That’s it for your introduction to the Gaillac Aeroclub. You’ll find the text of this
video and the essential information on one of the website headings. And we
look forward to seeing you here. Bye for now.